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COVID-19 is Shifting The Retail & Ecommerce Industry

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has impacted a lot in the retail & e-commerce industry. It has proven that digital marketing is more reliable then traditional marketing & to focus more on digital platforms rather then walk-in customers. We've complied some facts, figures & tips to make sure you gain out of this tragic event rather then losing or failing.

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2020 Social Media Calendar for Brands & Businesses

Social Media Content/Post Ideas is the single biggest challenge for brands & businesses. So here is iBrandigo's 2020 Social Media Calander…but it’s not just any old social media calendar. This one avoids all the usual social media stuff. Instead, you get a whole year of social media content/post ideas, all planned out for you. month to month.

Book - 100 Social Media Marketing Tips &

100 Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks l 2019

More than 50% of SMEs in the US rely on social media as their primary digital marketing method. Simply because you can find new customers & network with them very effectively, unlike some other traditional marketing methods, that does not cost a fortune. Here are 100 practical tips and tricks around social media marketing.

Book - Social Media Marketing for Restau

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants & Cafe's

In today's digital age, social media for restaurant has never been more necessary. So we've prepared a guide for y'all.

a Social Media Marketing Guide for Restaurant & Cafe owners which can take their business to the level & teach them what to do & what not to do on social media to gain more awareness & customers. 


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162 Facebook & Instagram Ad Examples eBook

There are millions of ads running on Facebook & Instagram. We've reviewed over tens of thousands of ads & we've selected these ads as the Best ads on Facebook & Instagram.

These ads are picked by our team to inspire you to test new approaches & give you a vision for your small &/or large business ads.