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Top 5 Reasons You Should Have the Facebook Pixel

If you’re not sure why or how to use the pixel to help your Facebook advertising efforts, don’t worry, iBrandigo is here to help! Here are some reasons why your business should have using the Facebook pixel now.

1. Retargeting

Do you ever wonder why you see Facebook ads for your favorite product right after you’ve viewed that product online? That’s retargeting! Any business can use this targeting option on Facebook to target people who have already chosen to visit your website. By installing the Facebook pixel base code on your website, you will be able to start retargeting people immediately with Facebook ads.

2. Track Conversions

After you’ve installed the pixel base code on your website, you’ll also want to ad event tracking. Event tracking will enable you to track conversions on your website as a result of your Facebook ad campaigns. Standard events that you can track include purchases, add to cart, page views, leads, and complete registration. Using event tracking, you can directly tie conversions on your website back to a specific ad campaign. You can also set up custom conversions if there’s unique conversion that you’re interested in tracking.

3. Custom Audiences

Installing the Facebook pixel along with event tracking will open up opportunities to create new types of custom audiences that can be used in your ad campaigns. In addition to targeting all of your website visitors, you can also create a custom audience to target people who visit certain pages on your site, people who spend a certain amount of time on your site, or people who have purchased items from you in the past! Take a look at the Audiences tab in Business Manager to get started and see what kinds of new audiences you can create.

4. Lookalike Audiences

After you’ve experimented with a few custom audiences, you can try another, even more powerful targeting tool. Lookalike audiences have proven to show our team some of the best results we’ve seen with Facebook ad campaigns. These are audiences that Facebook generates of people who are similar to a custom audience you have already created. They are based on a wide variety of factors that extend far beyond age and interests. So, you can create an audience that’s similar to your website visitors, similar to people who have clicked your ad, or even similar to people who have purchased from you before.

5. Optimize for Conversions

This last point is something advertisers often miss when setting up their ad campaigns. Instead of simply running a traffic ad and hoping that people convert when they get to your website, you can create a conversions ad that is instead optimized for people who are likely to take a specific action on your site. You can optimize for purchases, page views, leads, and much more. This optimization is only available to those who have the Facebook pixel installed. Optimizing your ads for conversions will ensure that you are reaching the highest quality people with your Facebook ad campaigns.

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