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Pray for Indonesia!

Devastated residents of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi are calling for people to pray and send well wishes as they begin to search for survivors following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami that killed more than 1,200 people, with over 65,734 homes & building heavily damaged.

iBrandigo's appeal to the world is to donate & help the Indonesians via UNICEF. If you cannot donate then at-least we can Pray & Send well wishes.

Donate Via UNICEF:

With more than 13,000 staff worldwide and 350 warehouses globally, UNICEF stands ready to provide food, water, shelter, protection and healthcare to the people affected by the disasters in Sulawesi. With people trapped in the rubble, the numbers of fatalities are expected to rise. Rescue efforts are now underway and UNICEF is poised to respond.

Donate Now

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