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Why is Marketing More Important than Sales in 2019?

Going back to the time, in the 90’s, selling used to be done on the boots on the ground, by going out, and educate clients and prospects face to face. You would have to make them sit with you, taking on lunch when offering your deals. Marketing wasn’t involved with demand generation or awareness; their role was more about supporting sales people. And there were lots of sales people, typically men, and very few marketing people, typically women, because salespeople were seen as a way to drive revenue (more field salespeople = more sales) while marketing was an expense. Things today are very changed now! And the landscape looks nothing like this anymore.

Buyers are the keys to control now. With the internet at their fingertips, buyers educate themselves long before talking or purchasing particular product from that particular company. And buyers also have the access to you and all of your competition with equal ease. Which is why in today’s market, you can add salespeople, take out an ad, etc. but the biggest impact on growth happens when you focus on the customer journey, and that’s where marketing lives.

Dan Rant said about marketing that,"Sales spamming is terrible! If you reach out on LinkedIn and immediately pitch the person you’re connecting with, you are spam. Worse, you have now ruined all of your credibility, and the chances of that contact ever doing business with you just went into the garbage. This tactic is just plain stupid and counterproductive.'

And in reply, Brian solis, a great marketer said...

“Customer experience is the new marketing. Marketing needs to have a seat at the table."

Marketing could be free to achieve by client or else no one would dare to take steps for it. most of our Digital marketers skip this step just for keeping their knowledge between their minds and that's not how it should be!...

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