Youtube Marketing

YouTube reaches 30 million users per day. iBrandigo has 96 Channels, 456,452 Videos, 6M Minutes in it's belt.

YouTube has one of the largest online audiences.

YouTube being the world’s largest video sharing website, gives businesses an opportunity to promote their product through video marketing and gain business leads. YouTube has over 1.5 billion users which means that almost ⅓ of all the people on the internet are using YouTube every year.

According to research by HubSpot, 59% of customers prefer watching video instead of reading text about the product or service. Using YouTube marketing services gives your business a great chance to target the huge audience base to market product/services by video marketing.

Advantages of YouTube Marketing:
  • Increase Business Reach
    YouTube exceeds 2 billion views per day. So YouTube is the prudent way to increase your business reach by proper video marketing strategy.

  • Target Audience
    Potential customers who are looking for your product, or service prefer watching videos than reading lengthy texts. With proper knowledge of how to promote YouTube video you can get a good business reach.

  • Increase Branding
    It is said that products are made in the factory but brands are made in the mind of consumers. Video advertising is the best way to imprint the brand image in the minds of your customers.

  • Online Videos
    YouTube is the best location for getting your videos found to maximize visibility by investing in optimization as more than 75% of customers watch online videos once a month

  • Video Optimization
    YouTube videos are properly optimized with the help of SEO tactics, good title, better description/transcript, thumbnail, social logo, icons, tags etc. Want

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